It’s Cheaper to Buy than Rent in the Seattle Area

Did you know that it is cheaper to buy a home than rent in our Seattle market?  A March 20th Trulia blog by Chief Economist Jed Kolko explains why and helps you determine if buying is the right decision for you.  Follow this link:


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Why are there so many Buyers out there chasing so few homes?

Here is a link that does a great job explaining why rising prices and the risk of higher interest rates are causing many of today's buyers to purchase a home now.–2

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Guess That TV Home

How well do you remember your favorite TV family homes?

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100 year flood map for Carnation WA


Areas marked in blue are in the 100 year flood plain

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Q1 2012 Market Economics

Here is the first quarter economic report and our region and it’s impact on real estate.

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What size home is most popular in Carnation/Duvall?

The Linnerooth Team Realtors have a couple interesting facts about what size of home today’s Buyers are buying in the Carnation/Duvall area.
-20% of home buyers* are purchasing older homes built before 1990 averaging 1700 square feet.
-38% of home buyers are buying brand new homes ranging in size from 1500 to 2650 SF.
The remaining segment of resale home buyers are spread over a large range of home sizes with about 1/3 of this buyer group still choosing to buy a larger home with 2700-4200 SF of living space.  These more spacious homes were mostly built between 10 and 15 years ago and typically have a 3-car garage.  A very small percentage of this last group are distressed short sales or bank owned. The sales prices for large non-distressed homes average around $520,000** (compared to their average prices up in the $700K range several years ago).
*  Statistical samples are based on 148 homes in the Riverview School District that have sold   (or are pending) since October 1st, 2011.  Excludes rural homes on more than 1.5 acres.
** based on above average quality and condition…e.g. granite countertops, high-end appliances.

Average Home Size chart- Duvall/Carnation

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Seattle area ranked one of the best places to buy foreclosures!

Seattle area buyers are taking advantage of some great deals by purchasing foreclosures and short sales properties at steeply discounted prices compared to non-short sale and non-foreclosed properties.

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True cost of buying a foreclosure home

Foreclosed homes are sold as-is.  Arizona builder Fulton Homes put together a nifty spreadsheet to help consumers figure out the true cost of buying a foreclosure.  Simply input the purchase price, size of home and check  the items that will need repair or replacement.  Hit the enter key and you will find out what the true cost is!  Note: you may need to adjust pricing for regional differences in cost.

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Where do Duvall & Carnation dogs hang out?

The humans have their favorite local places:  Match Coffee and Wine, Starbucks, The Grange, Duvall Grill etc. 
Where do the valley dogs go to meet up with their friends? 
They go to the Carnation Off-leash Dog Park located at the end of W. Entwhistle. 
This 8+ acre fully-fenced park is the perfect doggie meet-up location.

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